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Our Passion.

Situated in the heart of Abruzzo, Ortona is home to a number of Italy’s iconic wines and it boasts some of the oldest vineyard soils in the world. Here is where the holding Grossi is situated. Since 2010 Andrea Grossi, the owner of the company, began this journey by purchasing the products of Abruzzo, where uncontaminated nature allows grapes and vineyards to grow naturally.

Ortona is typified by gentle rolling hills and valleys and with its warm temperate climate is a perfect setting for viticulture. This climate ensures warm dry days with plenty of sunshine throughout summer and relatively cool nights. This means that the vines experience healthy conditions for vigour during the growing season, and enough sun to achieve full tannin and flavour ripeness as well as intensely flavoured grapes. Operating in an excellent manner depends on authentic values, lovingly cultivated and passed down from one generation to the next. Thanks to modern technologies, the grapes become wine according to the knowledge of science and tradition. Our winemaker oversees continuously all the processes of wine making, carrying out meticulous quality control while our agronomist offers all his knowledge to give life and structure clusters. It is a constant quest for quality and attention to detail during the entire production process that every bottle provides a unique experience.

our Vineyardsour Vineyards

The Vineyards.

The harvest is a difficult task to plan, especially when times of ripening vary across the vineyards for reasons related to the different altitudes, exposure and types of soils. We monitor the progress of maturation through weekly sampling of the grapes. By getting to know the evolution of the phenolic substances of the various varieties, not only the quantity but also their potential extraction, helps us to manage in the best way the potential of the same during winemaking. We start collecting our grapes from late September to mid-October and the harvest is strictly done by hand.
ageing in woodageing in wood


The typical 225-liter French oak barrels, allows the wine to concemtrate its flavour and aroma compounds whilst oxygen is allowed to pass through the barrel and act as a softening agent upon the wine’s tannins, refining and changing slowly all its organoleptic structure, reaching the peak of pleasure.
steel tankssteel tanks

The Steel.

The grapes of each vineyard are vinified separately in steel tanks with long maceration characterized by contact with the must at controlled temperatures. Vinification is an extremely important phase, giving color, tannins and aromas. The cleaning of the equipment avoids alterations of the product and helps us to guarantee the maximum hygienic and qualitative safety.

our Wine makerenologo

The Winemakers.

The winemaker takes care of the entire production process, from the planting of the vine to the ripening of the grapes, choosing the harvesting period and supervising the vinification phases up to the filling in, all in order to guarantee, albeit at different levels, the increasing quality of the product.

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